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Marilyn Patterson
About The President


Since moving to Dallas in 1994, Patterson Performance Solutions' mission has been to work with companies large and small, to increase leadership effectiveness, operational efficiency, enhanced customer service, and employee development.

After nearly ten years of experience, we have learned that achieving success is risky business. Why? Our research shows that the greatest risks come from a company's inability to effectively communicate

  • Its vision and values to its customers and employees
  • The roles and responsibilities of its employees and
  • The recognition and appreciation of innovation and productivity

To move beyond these risks requires a commitment from the organization's leaders to excellence in quality products and services, employee development and extraordinary customer service. That's how we help.

Patterson Performance Solutions and its associates help reduce your risks of achieving success by bringing to you the objectivity of our expertise and experience in

  • Corporate management
  • Employee training and development
  • Enhanced personal performance

Our objectivity and experience focuses on your unique achievement potential and translates into tangible and targeted results that will move you from risks to rewards.

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