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Read each statement and mark the option that best represents your belief about yourself and your business.
(1)=Less True (5)=More True
Morale in our organization is very high.
Our organization has an effective method of communication
that keeps everyone informed.

All of our employees operate according to the mission and
values of our company.

Our organization's culture is clearly defined and communicated.
We have a specific career dedvelopment plan for employees.
Every department has clearly defined objectives at all times.
Our executive leadership communicates the vision for our
company based on realistic, sustainable growth.

We understand both the opportunities and threats to our growth and have plans in place to handle both.
We have clearly identified our strengths and vulnerabilities.
Our employees are empowered to make decisions in their work..
We consistently meet the expectations of our clients.
  Our business processes and procedures are efficient and effective.
The leadership of the organization has developed an effective
marketing strategy.

The benefits of our products/services are clearly defined.
Your Total Score Is:

1 - 40
Your organization is at risk.
41 - 60
Although many things seem to be going well, you could be on the brink of risk

61 - 70

With this seemingly strong foundation for success, now may be the ideal time to look at your next growth step.

If you want to move from the risk of business to the rewards of success, we'll work with you to make that happen. Call (972) 267-9858 to see how your organization can benefit from our services.

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