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Read each statement and mark the option that best represents your belief about yourself and your business.
(1)=Less True (5)=More True
I communicate effectively with others.
I continually motivate those around me.
I know my talents and strengths and rely on them daily.
I have identified my values or beliefs about balancing work and home life and have integrated them into my leadership style
I enjoy taking risks.
I have my personal goals specifically defined and have a planin place to achieve them.
I know what legacy I want to leave at the end of my life.
I know what my governing values and priorities are in my life.
I have achieved most of the goals I have set for myself.
I have continuing plans for personal growth and development.
I have exceptional listening skills.
  I understand and care about the impact my actions have on

I understand the impact my actions have on my future.
I am rarely frustrated.
I have a dream that I want to realize and it's in positive motion.
I spend adequate time with my family and friends.
I am achieving success and financial freedom.
I know I am capable of great things and am highly self directed.
I am getting what I want out of life.
I am doing what I like to do.
Your Total Score Is:

1 - 59
You have many doubts. Don't risk your potential.
60 - 89
You're on the right track. Coaching can help to narrow your focus.

90 - 100

Even a leader needs a legacy. What are you doing to get there?

If you want help moving from the risk of business to the rewards of success, call (972) 267-9858 to see how coaching can help.

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